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Ultimate Auto Repair Websites

Includes Text Message Marketing & Web Chat

Velocity Marketing's state-of-the-art Websites

Velocity Marketings Ultimate auto repair website was designed and crafted after a thorough research of existing auto repair websites. This way we can guarantee that all important aspects of the auto repair business are embedded in the site, including prominent call to action buttons, online forms, testimonials, a configurable set of “trust icons” and of course there’s a beautiful blog section which can fill to attract some additional customers to your site. Rest assured that Velocity’s Ultimate auto repair website is the best way to bring your auto repair business online in a professional way.

Design zen

As you can see the Ultimate website has a beautiful design zen. The zen of the design is accomplished by the spacing of elements, and the way the colors are being mapped and re-used throughout the site.

Team overview

Add a welcoming touch to your service station website by introducing your team with a profile photo and short bio. Placeholder images and text are ready for your customized photos and bio information.

Promotions page

We’ve included a page for coupons and promotions with this WordPress theme for service stations. Images and buttons can be linked to a PDF file that customers can download or print.

Online booking form

Our Velocity Marketing Deluxe Website comes with a built-in booking form, allowing you to take appointments online even outside of business hours.

Overview of services

Present visitors with a quick overview of your services on the homepage of your new website, allowing them to navigate directly to that page with one click.

Attractive service pages

The Velocity Deluxe Website includes individual pages already set up for detail about each of the most important services your business has to offer to pique the interest of future clients.

Dynamic reviews 

The best way to promote your services  is to do let others do the talking for you. Our site automatically filters current reviews from the web 24/7

Helpful contact page

The contact page on the Velocity Marketing Deluxe Website includes an integrated Google map and route planner, as well as a contact form so potential clients can get in touch anytime.

Eye-catching call-to-actions

Visitors won’t have to search for a way to get in touch thanks to calls to action prominently displayed on every page of Our Deluxe Website design.

You Will Love Your New Website

Time to put your best foot forward